"Do It Yourself" The Perfect Bun

Having a bad hair day? Don't have the time to look fabulous? 
Here is a quick and easy hair tutorial to create the perfect bun.

What you will need:
  • A dress sock (pick a color similar to your own hair color (Blonde hair=nude sock/Brown hair=brown or black sock/Black hair=black sock/Red Hair=light brown sock)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pin

Step #1
Cut the toe box off of your dress sock.

Step #2
Roll your dress sock up like a doughnut tucking the edge into the center.

Step #3 
Place your hair into a tight ponytail wherever you would like to create your bun. This style looks best by placing your ponytail low on either side just under your ear, high on top of your head for a ballerina look, or low in the center back of your head.

Step #4
Place your ponytail through the sock like am 80s style scrunchie all the way to the base of your ponytail then pull it to the end about 3inches from your ends. (If you have layered hair make sure you do not pull it out to far or pieces of your hair will fall out)

Step #5
Pull your ends around the doughnut sock and tuck your ends inside. Try to separate your hair around the sock evenly.

Step #6
Roll the sock all the way down to the base of your head/ponytail.

Step #7
VIOLA! Perfect bun! Secure the bun with a bobby pin. 

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know about about the series "The Hunger Games". The movie comes out next year but don't just wait to see it on the big screen. Do you yourself a favor and read the books they are incredible.

China Glaze nail polish is releasing a Hunger Games line of shades and i am more then stoked for this. Enjoy the the preview of colors below and may the odds be ever in your favor.

5 beauty items i could never live without....

Sure we all have them. Whether you carry them in your purse or just use them at home, there are those oh so special beauty related items you could never live without. You know sometimes you buy a second one before even using half of the first one just in case. For me, losing these items causes a major girl melt down.

Well here are mine in no particular order....
  1. Clinique Lip Gloss/Perfume Duo-I will seriously have a mental break down when clinqiue stops making these in their gift sets. Luckily i have accumulated enough of them to change them out multiple times in the year before my yearly Christmas gift set purchase.
  2. Nail Polish Remover-I always seem to run out of this exactly when i need it. Which is why i have one those sponges you can dip your fingers into as backup. Mine is so filled with polish that the sponge is no longer pretty pink but multiple shades of brown, red, and black from to many uses.
  3. Cotton Balls-because toilet paper and paper towels just don't take your polish off quite as well. If you have ever tried, you know just how true that statement is.
  4. Hair ties-I am so bad about never having these on hand. If i have a broken one, i will legit tie it back together and use it. (Girls i know I'm not the only one) Also If you know me personally then you know i have actually shown up for work with silly bands in my hair in lue of a hair tie. Classy lady.
  5. Bobby pins-This has gotten so bad that without fail every single time i do laundry i find them in the washing machine. I also know the multiple spots to look for them throughout my apartment should i run out. I am shamefully admitting usually the bathroom sink, dinning room table, or coat pocket are some of my go to places.
What are your can not live without beauty items?

Bringing your maxi dress into Fall/Winter

Don't pack those amazingly easy and comfortable Maxi dresses away just yet ladies. I am going to help you integrate your favorite summer maxi dress into this fall/winter season. There is a way to wear them for every occasion. The outfits below will work for pattern maxi dresses also. However layering on a maxi dress can go from fabulous to frumpy very quickly. So be mindful of your figure and bold patterns.

Winter 2011/2012 Nail Trends

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...we had our first snow storm of the year here which left more than 58,000 people in eastern Pennsylvania without power. So it is already feeling very winter like here.
As per request I was asked to post about winter nail polish colors. However this season we are seeing a lot of nail effects as well as color trends.

Ombre Nails
They are taking it a step further by incorporating the hand as a hole rather then each individual nail. . This effect looks best in my opinion when you choose colors close to each other and in the same color family. Lauren Conrard has been seen multiple times rocking this trend.

Metallic Shades
When i think of the holiday season silver, gold, gunmetal grey and copper always come to mind. I suppose that is why metallic nail colors are so popular right now. Here are my top picks.....
OPI: Radiance, Sally Hansen: Gilty Pleasure, OPI: Brand new skates, OPI: Illuminate

Colored French Manicure
Your standard pale pink and bright white tip french manicure will always be a classic, this winter the trend is colored manicures. (Which looks great when incorporating your metallic) The sky is the limit on this trend. Some of my favorite color combinations:
Grey + Orange, Purple + Gold, Grey + Black.

Grey + Beige = "Greige" Colors
I am a sucker for any grey or beige nail color, so combining the two is pure bliss! Almost all polish lines will carry a Greige. Below are just some of my favorites:
Chanel: Particuliere, Essie: Chinchilly, (my personal favorite of all time) OPI: You don't know jacques

Shatter Nail polishAdd Image
This trend continues to dominate and with so many colors to choose from and so many brands carry a version of this polish. There is no excuse for you to not try it at least once. A few tips from me, choose "shatter" over "crackle." The crackle does not come out as nice and to bring this trend into winter, use dark colors or metallic vs. brights.
OPI Shatter: White, Silver, Pink, Gold, Turquoise, Blue, Red, Navy, & Black.

Splurge, Save, & Steal: Liquid Eyeliner

The triple "S" (splurge, save, steal) posts on my previous blogs were always a big hit. Hopefully i will get some good feed back on them here as well. The side bar has a graphic that sections out the price points for each category.
I have been using liquid eyeliner since junior high. I suppose it's true, once you go liquid you never go back. My only exception is on the bottom of the eye and the water line. Liquid eyeliner is really the only solution for a lasting smudge less lined eye. Sure it can be tricky but once you have mastered it, you can even do it with your eyes closed. Which i thought was a rare talent i possessed but some of my coworkers admitted to this talent as well. Below i will list my top picks for each price point.

Steal: $10 & Under

N.Y.C Liquid Eyeliner
*As long as they continue to manufacture this product i will ALWAYS continue to use it in my personal makeup routine as well as my professional make up artistry.
Price: $2.99
Application: brush on a wand
Where to buy: Any local drug store, grocery store, or Walmart/Target

Forever21 Love & Beauty Cat Eye
*I found this product at work the other day and fell in love. After showing the girls how well it worked, we bought our entire stores stock. It applies easily and the color comes out very rich.
Price: $3.80
Application: Felt tip pen
Where to buy: Forever 21 website, or a Forever store near you

Save: $10 to $20
MAC Penultimate Eye Liner
* If you are looking for a professional brand eye liner, MACs is the way to go. It d
oes last all day long without reapplying. However it is tricky to apply. Unlike its Forever21 counterpart, this product does take some finessing to apply evenly.
Price: $17.50
Application: Pen
Where to buy: MAC website, local MAC store, department store, or Cosmetic Company Outlets

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
*By far the best liquid eye liner our there. If my bank account could afford to have this on hand all the time, i wouldn't even have to type a blog post like this. It is water resistant and long wear. The product itself has an ease to it and you do not need a lot of it. The application can be tricky for those new to liquid eyeliner though.
Price: $21.00
Application: Product is gel based and comes in a pot. Need the product + a separate eyeliner brush to apply.
Where to buy: Department stores, Sephora, Cosmetic Company Outlet or Bobbi Brown website.

MACs Fall Beauty Trends 2011

MACs director of makeup artistry, Gregory Arlt, has the top ten beauty trends for Fall. These look have been seen all over the runway. He even has some tips on how you can rock these looks this fall season.
  • Bright smokey eyes-TIP: Keep the bottom color much closer to the eye and away from the inner eye area.
  • Terracotta shades
  • Dramatic pastels-TIP: Either do the orange eye full blown or the pepto pink lip, but not both. And instead of gloss on the eye, go for a metallic peachy gold, and keep the color to the lid only.
  • Bold pink blush-TIP: You're going to want to focus it on the upper cheekbone.
  • Icy green eyes-TIP: Keep the color concentrated on the lid, bringing it up into the crease.
  • All over nude face
  • Spider lashes
  • Shimmery white eyes
  • Retro liner-TIP: Keep the liner thick, but don't wing it out as dramatically
  • Glossy red lips

Dear Fall: I ADORE you!

Including but not limited to, the cool crisp weather, leaves changing colors, and the FASHION...oh the fashion!! Fall in my eyes usually produces the best collections in fashion and cosmetics.
OPI has launched their Fall 2011 collection and its bananas! The touring America collection features 12 shades each corresponding to a specific city. Although i am a bit disappointed with their "Philadelphia" color choice as this is my stomping grounds, i can still swoon over this AMAZING collection.
1. Are We there yet? -Milwaukee, WI
2. Color To Diner For -Tucson, AZ
3. Honk If You Love OPI -Baltimore, MD
4. French Quarter For Your Thoughts -New Orleans, LA
5. A-Taupe The Space Needle -Seattle, WA
6. Road House Blues -Jackson Hole, WY
7. Suzi Take The Wheel -St. Louis, MO
8. I Eat Mainley Lobster -Philadelphia, PA
9. Uh Oh Roll Down The Window -New York City, NY
10. My Address Is "Hollywood" -Hollywood, CA
11. Get In The Expresso Lane -Clarksdale, MS
12. I Break For Manicures -Memphis, TN

Will you be touring America with OPI this fall season?

Can I have a bottle of O-Negative?

True Blood, which airs on HBO, is well into it's 4th season now. If you having been living under a rock or aren't into the vampire craze, this show centers around the co-existence of vampires (as well as some other interesting creatures) and humans. It is incredibly entertaining and is far more gritty and sexy then Twilight. If you are a fan then you know just how amazing this show is. So it's no surprise that merchants are trying to cash in on brand related products.
Beauty Line Tarte Tarte has created some True Blood inspired beauty products, being sold at Sephora & the HBO online store.
The Limited Edition Palette: Includes 17 eye shadow colors, gel eyeliner, mascara, and eye primer. It will run you about $50+. The colors are pretty beautiful and they give you a good mix. The finishes vary from a matte to a shimmer finish.
Limited Edition LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint: A mint infused red lip tint. $24
Limited Edition Natural Cheek Stain: Red cheek blush stick. I have never used a red red as blush before but this has potential, if applied correctly, to look great. $30

Nail Polish Dolls!

The Kardashian empire just keeps growing. They have teamed up with OPI Nicole to create their own line of nail polish colors. Perez Hilton had a sneak peak of the new line, which hits stores this holiday season for about $8.00 each.
Personally i am always a fan of great named polishes and these are no exception, each Kardashian sister has their own name integrated into at least one of these colors. Check out the great colors and the creative names below.....(Photos Courtesy Of CocoPerez)
1. Wear Something Spar-Kylie
2. Sealed With a Kris

3. Rainbow In The S-Kylie
4. My Empire, My Rules
5. Listen to your Momager!
6. Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi
7. Kim-Pletely In Love
8. Khloe Had a little Lam, Lam
9. Kendall on the Katwalk
10. It's All About the Glam
11. Hard Kourt Fashionista
12. Follow Me on Glitter
13. Disco Dolls
14. All Kendall-ed Up

The Vision Of A Visual

Visual merchandisers are responsible for the creative genius in most retail stores and our store is no exception. However their creatively can be seen daily through their ornate personal style. They have the ability to create a look all their own with pieces most of us would never even look twice at.

In an effort to add the dash of fashion to this blog, i am going to profile their looks weekly. My hope for these posts, besides profiling beautiful ladies who have amazing style, is to bring fashion inspiration to my readers. Plus it is just super fun to see how they layer, create a story, and accessorize. The best part, their style is affordable and most pieces come right from our store (Forever 21).
Meet our visual team below & check back weekly to see their personal style....

Her Style:
"My style in as few words as possible...rocker, sexy tomboy, grungy (my favorite) and eclectic. I love combining rock and roll aspects with a few hippie pieces and great vintage finds, especially jewelry. I love accessories that I can tell a story about."

Favorite Designers:
"I don't follow designers to be honest."

Fashion Icons & Inspiration:
Bridget Bardot, Erin Wasson, Francoise Hardy, Kate Moss, Zoey Kravitz, and Rumi Neely.

What she loves about fashion:
"What i love about fashion is that it keeps things interesting. People who love fashion are fun to examine. I love seeing someone with style on the street that I can just take in and you get a sense of who they are or want to be. It's great for that and just expression of individuality. I'm a pretty quiet person, so I let my clothes do the talking most of the time."


Her Style:
When asked about her style she responded "An effortlessly strangely sexy 12 year old boy girl"
She doesn't take her style too seriously but here is her style through Katie's eyes: "Well shes not familiar with designers like myself. That's the thing about Jenee, she doesn't really research or look outward for inspiration. She's an artist and while she buys things on trend, she gets trendy pieces that will last more than a season. She's very carefully selective and great at buying only the things that truly feel like her. If she gets her inspiration from any one person or style movement I'd be surprised. She comes across as artistic hipster, having an effortlessly cool nature at the same time. That's the problem with the hipster look, it can often come across as someone trying too hard, but Jenee's style is just so natural to her. The ways she puts things together and what jewelry she picks for what outfits always inspires me to try new things. She sees individual pieces of clothing in ways that the otherwise norm wouldn't. She's always thinking outside of the fashion box.

Style Icons & Inspiration:
"Whatever's in my closet. i pick up on certain things from others and add my own twist or sometimes i just get dressed in the dark and roll with it."

What she loves about fashion:
"I can feel sexy in the plainest outfits. In my opinion sometimes less is more and trying to hard can be a turnoff. I have a gift of mixing girly with pre-pubescent boy really well."

Her Style:
"I would probably describe my style as Urban Hippie meets kick ass Gypsy.

Favorite Designers:
"This season I really love Roberto Cavalli!! His summer line was the business! Overall Proenza Schouler always has major creative pieces! As far as celeb designers, Nicole Richie has my heart."

Style Icons & Inspiration:
"My short list of style icons are Sienna Miller, Karen Blanchard, Twiggy, Chloe Sevigny, Agyness Deyn, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Zoe, 70's Cher and my Nana, she was boss!"

What she loves about fashion:
"It's very artistic and free I love doing cool things with layers and textures. I'm very inspired by blogs art and street style and always willing to take a risk."

"I wore a bird on my head" -Carrie Bradshaw

"Oh is that what that was?"-Miranda Hobbs (you will see my little nods to SATC all over this page) This one seemed only appropriate with the new hair trend taking salons by storm. I have literally read about five+ facebook posts about this in the last day and my store (Forever 21) carried an accessory version of them a while back.
Anyway they are Feather Hair Extensions. If you want to splurge chances are your local high end salon is offering this goodie. Some will apply just the feather. Then some salons feature the feather attached to real hair which can be colored to also look like a feather. These are offered as a clip in and/or applied like real extensions, sewn or glued. However this is a cheap, fun, and easy DIY project. Below i will list the easiest way to achieve this trend with out having to have any real creative skills.
What you will need:
  1. Krazy or Super Glue
  2. Hair Extension Clips (You can find these at Sallys for about $2) Or you can use the old school snap clips. (You know the ones we used to use to pin our bangs back in the early 90s)
  3. Feathers from your local craft store (I have found that the thin quill feathers work best)
Attach the stem portion of the feather to the top part of your clip with glue. Arrange how ever you like. Allow for the glue to dry and VIOLA!
Clip into hair underneath as to not reveal the actual clip. Then knock yourself out lip syncing Ke$ha in your mirror.

Trend Alert-Denim Boyfriend Shirt

The denim boyfriend shirt. Most stylists will tell you, this is not a new trend however its popping up everywhere right now. So much so that we found a random onezie (what we call the last of an item in my store) floating around at work and the girls went gaga over it.
With any trend, the ways to wear this are vast and can be suited to your specific style. However be mindful of your merchandising. Beware the denim shirt can go from trendy cute to a bad britney spears and justin timerlake faux pas. Steer clear of wearing this with matching denim pants or shorts and also look for one that isn't too fitted or too large. If you need a little help just take some tips from (photo left courtesy of urbansouq) & the celebrities below.